Navigate a distracted driving ticket carefull

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2017 | Texting and Driving

Smart phones have become an almost omnipresent element of our lives and although many New York drivers know that using a cell phone while on the road is frowned upon by the state, it still does happen from time to time. If law enforcement catches you texting or surfing the web on your smart phone while behind the wheel, you could be issues a ticket that carries significant penalties.

This is clearly an unfortunate situation to be in, but one of the worst ways you could handle it is by attempting to represent yourself in court in the fight against a distracted driving ticket. You may be confident that you will be acquitted or that there has been a misunderstanding. History shows, however, that these kinds of tickets are notoriously hard to dispute. Because of this, representing yourself and attempting to fight the penalty may actually result in you getting convicted.

Instead of taking the risk, seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney can be of great help to those in such situations. At The Law Office Of Craig Bondy, we understand the frustration and anxiety that are present in every instance of receiving a traffic ticket. Whether you’re worried about the monetary fees or how the ticket may affect your record, we can closely examine the situation and formulate the best plan of action given the circumstances.

No matter how pervasive cell phones have become, New York law enforcement will not be lenient if they catch you using your device while driving. Don’t make a bad situation worse by attempting to fight the case yourself. Instead, consulting an experienced attorney will help proceed forward with a logical and levelheaded plan of action. For more information, please visit our traffic ticket page.