Fight speeding tickets to preserve your driving record

On Behalf of | May 10, 2018 | Speeding Tickets

A person’s driving record is the list of traffic offenses and citations that they have amassed over time when behind the wheel of a car. A person who is convicted of speeding, failing to yield, running red lights or other traffic offenses may have a number of items included on their New York driving record. As a person collects offenses on their record, points against them will accumulate.

The Driver Violation Point System tracks the convictions for driving offenses that a person secures. As a person’s points total increase, the possible penalties against them also increase. If a person’s points total exceeds a threshold level, then they may lose their license.

Not many New Yorkers can get by without the ability to drive. Whether they use their drivers’ licenses to get their kids to school, themselves to work or to undertake other necessary travels, they may face significant struggles if they are suddenly unable to drive because of too many points on their record.

It is for this reason that individuals who have been charged with speeding choose to fight their charges and attempt to avoid the collection of points on their driving records. Fighting a speeding ticket is a legal process that may help a driver mitigate or eliminate the charges brought against them. Those who wish to undertake this form of defensive strategy often do so with the help of an attorney. The Law Office of Craig Bondy is prepared to support clients with speeding tickets as they seek to protect their driving records from the accumulation of detrimental and license-threatening points.