Multiple offenders face obstacles to reclaiming their licenses

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2018 | Drunk Driving

One of the consequences that a New Yorker may face if they are convicted of drunk driving is the loss of their license. A license may be suspended, which is a temporary loss of one’s driving privileges, or it may be revoked, which effectively terminates a person’s driving privileges. When a person is convicted of an alcohol-based driving crime, it is not unusual for them to lose their driving privileges for at least some length of time. If a person is charged with drunk driving more than once, the length of time that they may lose their license may increase.

For example, a person who has at least five alcohol related driving incidents or convictions in their driving history may have their driving privileges permanently revoked. They may be given the designation of “persistently dangerous driver” and may not, unless exceptional circumstances are present, ever be allowed to drive legally in New York again.

Individuals with fewer than five alcohol-related driving incidents or convictions on their records may see their driving privileges suspended for years. A person may have to serve out their entire statutory suspension and then an additional period of several years due to their multiple offender status. As readers can see, having more than one drunk driving arrest on a person’s record can lead to serious legal troubles when it comes to maintaining their driver’s license.

For most people, driving is not only a privilege but also a necessity. They need to drive to get to work, to support their kids, and to live their lives. Zealously defending one’s self against drunk driving charges is a good way to work against the accumulation of multiple offenses on one’s driving record.