Many consider texting and driving a big problem

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2018 | Texting and Driving

Most New Yorkers are likely aware that they can be ticketed if they are caught using a hand-held device while operating their car. Texting and driving is considered a dangerous practice by lawmakers because they believe that drivers who text do not give their full attention to the roads. In fact, texting and driving crackdowns are not uncommon, with one New York city recently ticketing more than two dozen people for texting and driving infractions.

However, a recent poll demonstrates that lawmakers are not the only ones who think that texting and driving is a bad idea. According to the poll, Americans in some of the biggest metropolitan areas in the country claimed that they believe texting and driving is a big problem in their cities. In New York, 71 percent of respondents believed that texting and driving is a problem, while only 17 percent said it isn’t a problem. The remainder of respondents wasn’t sure.

However, texting while driving is not the only practice that was identified as potentially dangerous. Many New Yorkers said that pedestrian texting is also a big problem – one that can lead distracted walkers out into traffic and into the paths of oncoming vehicles.

Cities throughout the nation are stepping up their efforts to curtail texting and driving. Individuals who are ticketed for this offense may wish to fight their charges to keep their driving records free and clear of offenses. Traffic offense attorneys can be an important part of building their cases and preserving their driving privileges into the future.