What can happen if you drive without a license?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2018 | Traffic Violations

Individuals who are accused of traffic violations that involve driving without a license are encouraged to discuss their case with traffic defense attorneys. This is because different factual scenarios will have very different strategies that may help New York residents avoid the costly penalties that can accompany these types of charges.

For example, if a driver is stopped and does not have their license on them because they simply forgot it, they may have an opportunity to later prove they hold a valid driver’s license and avoid a penalty for operating without a license. However, individuals who drive without valid drivers’ licenses issued to them can face more serious consequences.

These consequences can apply to individuals who move into New York and do not get new licenses within the amount of time permitted by law. They can also apply to individuals who choose to drive on suspended licenses or individuals who fail to renew their licenses before they expire. A driver who operates on a revoked license can face serious penalties and those who cause accidents may face significant legal challenges.

Getting past an operating without a license offense can be costly and time consuming. It can impact one’s driving privileges and can add points to their driving record. It is always an option for a driver facing this or another traffic violation charge to discuss their case with an attorney. There are often options for those who wish to protect their driving privileges and defend themselves against their driving-based charges.