New York penalties for texting and driving

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | Texting and Driving

Texting and driving is an ambiguous term. People may believe that only sending text messages while driving is prohibited under New York law, when, in fact, many types of cell phone use are considered illegal when a person is behind the wheel. Talking on a cell phone, sending emails, surfing the Internet, and engaging in other phone-based activities while driving are all considered texting and driving for the purposes of imposing fines and points on drivers’ licenses.

Engaging in one of these activities can be expensive. For example, a person caught texting and driving for the first time may be fined up to $200. If they amass three or more texting and driving violations in a three-month period, then their fine may rise to $450.

Fines are not the only penalty that texting drivers must contend with. A driver may have points assigned to their record if they are found to have been texting while driving, and the accumulation of points may lead to the loss of one’s driving privileges. Getting caught texting while driving can result in an automatic 120-day driver’s license suspension.

As readers can see, the penalties associated with texting and driving are significant. Losing one’s license may mean losing one’s job if they cannot get to work on time. It may mean missing opportunities with their family if they cannot travel. Because the stakes of a texting and driving ticket may be high, a person can get legal help from a defense attorney to help them overcome their legal challenges.