New York works with other states to catch speeding drivers

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2019 | Speeding Tickets

A speeding ticket is a nuisance at best and a serious legal matter at worst. New York drivers who have been stopped for allegedly speeding on New York roads understand the stress and financial strain that accumulating tickets may have. Too many speeding tickets can lead to the loss of one’s driving privileges, financial penalties in the form of fines, and even time in jail.

New York takes speeding and traffic infractions seriously, so much so that it has partnered with surrounding states to crack down on allegedly problematic driving practices. Recently, state officers from New York and Vermont worked together to catch allegedly law-breaking drivers who were operating on the Route 4 corridor.

In a five-hour period, the officers made just under 200 traffic stops for suspected driving infractions. Four individuals were arrested on drug charges or for allegedly drunk driving, just under 100 people were accused of speeding in the area, several were charged with texting while driving or driving on suspended licenses, and others allegedly broke other traffic laws.

Enforcement efforts such as the one discussed happen throughout the state and can impact the lives of many people. It is important that when widespread actions are taken by law enforcement officials to stop alleged speeders and traffic law breakers that they themselves follow strict legal protocols. Law enforcement officials may not violate rights by abusing their power or ignoring the checks that have been put into place to ensure that their reach is neither illegal nor arbitrary.