Legal options for texting and driving tickets

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2019 | Texting and Driving

New York residents should take their tickets seriously. Whether they are incurred for allegedly driving too fast, driving while distracted, or driving in violation of local traffic laws, tickets can add up and mean big trouble for individuals who depend on the use of their drivers licenses. The more tickets and points a driver accumulates, the longer they may lose their driving privileges.

Texting and driving tickets are issued often in the city of New York and can quickly become problems for drivers who pick up multiple alleged offenses in a short period of time. A driver who needs their car to get to work or to provide support for their families may be left without driving rights if their license is suspended or revoked due to too many alleged violations.

When it comes to addressing a pending texting and driving ticket, a New York resident should be prepared to meet those claims head-on. Through careful negotiations and defense preparations, they may be able to reduce the penalties they could face and protect their right to retain their license.

Attorney Craig Bondy works with individuals who are fearful of what may happen if they do not aggressively confront the traffic and moving violation tickets that have been issued against them. Although it is not possible to offer any guarantees when it comes to legal outcomes, attorney Craig Bondy and his firm help individuals fight for their rights and defend their driving records. Additional information may be found on the firm’s website where readers may learn more about traffic and moving violations in the state of New York.