Is an emergency a good defense to a speeding ticket?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2019 | Speeding Tickets

When a person exceeds the posted speed limit, they may be considered speeding. Speeding is punishable under the law, and when a New York driver accumulates too many points based on speeding, they may lose their driving privileges. While an individual may believe that their need to address or avoid an emergency is a good justification for speeding, they should understand that it may not always be accepted as a valid excuse.

Speeding emergencies can come in all shapes and sizes. A nervous father-to-be may speed down the road with his laboring partner to get to the hospital before the arrival of their child. A person fleeing a natural disaster may exceed posted speed limits to avoid being hurt by the pending disaster.

These justifications may provide some explanation for why a person chose to speed, but they may not always be enough to help avoid the consequences of their actions. It will depend on how the judge in the individual’s case views the facts and evidence and what other options they may have had to deal with during the emergency that confronted them.

Preparing a defense to a charge of speeding may be an important part of protecting an individual’s right to drive. An attorney who works in speeding and traffic violation defense can support individuals in these difficult situations. Their legal knowledge may benefit people who count on their driving privileges to support their families and who may suffer heavily if they are forced to give up their licenses because of speeding tickets.