Does New York have a hands-free cell phone law?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2019 | Texting and Driving

Texting is an important form of communication in today’s busy world. It is often the way that parents stay in touch with their kids, how bosses reach out to their employees, and even the way that schools communicate with the families in their districts.

However, there is one place in particular that individuals should not text: behind the wheels of their cars. New York effectively prohibits all cell phone use that requires a driver’s hands when a person is driving a car. That means that the state has enacted laws that prohibit texting and driving, using the internet, making phone calls, sending emails, and other functions that can be performed on a cell or smart phone.

Drivers who are alleged to have been texting and driving can face serious penalties. They can be issued tickets, may have points added to their licenses, and may be fined. There are several exceptions to the use of cell phones when driving, however, that individuals should be aware of.

A driver may use their hands to call emergency services if they are in need of help. Additionally, a driver who may access their smart phone through their voice or without the use of either of their hands may do so when operating their vehicle. When facing a texting and driving ticket, drivers should be aware that they may have options for negotiating the terms of their charges. Consultation with a traffic infraction defense attorney may offer drivers’ options for protecting their licenses and driving privileges.