Can a driver refute an officer’s claim of speeding?

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2019 | Speeding Tickets

Law enforcement officials have many ways of catching speeding drivers in New York. They may sit on the sides of roads with their laser guns at the ready, prepared to catch speeders in the crosshairs of their devices. Or, they may drive along highways and visibly witness what they believe to be speeding vehicles on the road. These are only some of the tools and techniques that officers may employ to catch drivers who are breaking the law.

However, police officers do not always correctly identify the speeds at which drivers are operating their vehicles. When a police officer chooses to pace a vehicle they believe is driving too fast, they may erroneously record their speed instead of the speed of their suspect. Officers who use laser devices and radar to catch speeders may not use their devices correctly and may, therefore, have bad speed readings on which they have based speeding tickets.

A driver may choose to refute an officer’s claim of speeding by either finding a fault in the device the officer used or a fault in the officer’s knowledge, experience, or implementation of their speeding assessment. Law enforcement officials who make mistakes about speeding should not be allowed to use the wrongful evidence that they collect to convict innocent drivers.

There are a number of ways that individuals can challenge their speeding tickets. Refuting an alleged speed offered by a law enforcement official is one of them; drivers can discuss their tickets and legal cases with attorneys who practice traffic law.