Drivers may be sanctioned for passing stopped school buses

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2019 | Traffic Violations

Many New York children ride school buses to get to school. From kindergartners to high school students, many youths rely on school buses for their safe passage to and from their homes. Therefore, drivers throughout the state are likely used to seeing them in their communities and on local roads.

School buses are unique vehicles in many different respects. They are large and their color makes them distinctive; they also have mechanical arms that hold out illuminated stop signs. These signs are displayed when school buses are loading or discharging passengers.

When a driver approaches a stopped school bus, they must assess if it is permissible to pass it. If that bus has its stop arm extended, then the driver of the approaching vehicle must stop as well. This is because children may be crossing the street to get on or off the bus. The driver must then wait until the arm is pulled in, the bus begins to move, or they are notified by a law enforcement official that it is safe to move forward through the roadway.

Violations of school bus stopping laws can result in traffic tickets for New York drivers. However, in some circumstances, it may not always be clear if a bus is stopped for passengers, stopped because it is waiting to continue its route, or is stopped for another reason. With the help of a traffic violation attorney, a driver may be able to avoid some of the consequences that follow accusations of illegally passing a school bus.