Special rules apply at train crossings

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2019 | Traffic Violations

Many goods are carried through the state of New York on trains. These massive vehicles are an efficient way to haul large loads over long distances. Because trains travel on tracks that may cross the roads that readers drive on, individuals should be aware of just what is legal to do at such intersections.

New York drivers are expected to abide by all railroad crossing signs and indicators that show a train is approaching an intersection. It is not always possible to tell how fast a train is moving and it can therefore be dangerous to vehicles and their passengers to attempt to cross tracks when trains are near. Additionally, drives should not cross train tracks if they cannot fully clear the tracks on the other side or may get stuck on the tracks because of forward traffic.

Drivers of certain vehicles, such as those that carry hazardous chemicals, are required to stop before crossing train tracks. Even if there are no signs, these vehicles are required to make a stop to ensure that they are not operating into train traffic when they proceed. Readers should talk to their attorneys about whether they are required to stop in such situations.

When drivers violate these and other traffic laws they can be penalized by the state of New York. Railroad crossings can be practically anywhere and all drivers should know what to do when they encounter them. The failure to follow New York laws on railroad crossing procedures can result in charges of traffic violations and sanctions against those who are found guilty of violating the law.