NYC cops on heightened alert for speeding motorists

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2020 | Speeding Tickets

That driving-linked statistics relevant to New York City show a sharp spike in speeding incidents over the past several months is not exactly surprising.

Relatively empty roadways account for that.

The catalyst most responsible for the vast metro’s relatively quiet streets is unquestionably the current and unprecedented health pandemic, which has appreciably locked down the city since March.

Many readers might reasonably perceive that dampened traffic volume overall should result in fewer speeding violations. The obvious go-to equation is simple and direct: Far fewer drivers should logically result in a diminished pool of violators.

That’s reportedly not the case, though, and it notably has everything to do with those above-cited empty roads.

The bottom line: Comparatively uncongested streets invite – both purposely and unintentionally – speeding. Even though there are fewer drivers motoring around, a higher-than-usual percentage of them have been hasty lately.

That is the assessment of the national organization AAA. That motorists’ group reports an uptick in speed-camera violations over a recent measuring period.

And it’s far from modest. Manhattan, for example, saw a notable 150% jump in speeders over that time frame.

One local news account simply stresses that city drivers “are more tempted to speed with the empty roads.”

There are consequences to that, of course, and they can be heavy. We candidly note at the proven ticket-defense New York City Law Office of Craig Bondy that, “Getting a speeding ticket in New York City can be a motorist’s nightmare.”

It doesn’t automatically have to be, though. Questions or concerns regarding a speeding ticket or other moving violation can be directed to an established ticket-defense attorney.

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