Which traffic violations may result in a suspension of your hack license?

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2021 | Traffic Violations

Anyone operating a for-hire vehicle such as a taxi or limousine in New York City’s five boroughs must first acquire a New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) license to do so.

This government agency sets rules for-hire drivers must follow in addition to regular driver requirements. They also assess fines for violations, investigate alleged offenses, hold hearings on such matters and revoke hack licenses in certain instances. Here are some specifics:

Having an accident

TLC’s rules spell out how for-hire drivers may have their hack license suspended for not filing a police report after a crash. The same may happen if they’re deemed negligent for a collision that results in someone else’s serious injuries or death. 

Being charged with a crime

Rule 80-08(c)(3)(iii) requires all individuals possessing a hack license to report any criminal charges filed against them. All Americans enjoy a presumption of innocence until they’re proven guilty in a court of law. Yet, TLC may suspend an existing hack license or deny a new applicant’s request for one until after the adjudication of their case.

Locking passenger doors

TLC Rule 80-15(c)(1) prohibits for-hire vehicle operators from locking passenger doors in certain instances. First-time convicted offenders may face an immediate suspension of their hack license. 

Accrual of too many points

TLC’s rules also allow for a hack license suspension if the for-hire driver accumulates anywhere between six and nine points across 15 months. The accrual of 10 or more points during this time frame may result in a hack license revocation, yet it doesn’t prevent a license holder from applying for reinstatement of that driving permit in the future.

Use of electronic devices

Rule 80-14(g)(1) outlines when a hack license holder’s use of a phone or other electronic equipment may result in the suspension of their license. 

What to do if you’ve received a TLC ticket

If you have a hack license, then you know that securing one isn’t easy. You wouldn’t want to do anything to jeopardize your access to this driving permit that allows you to earn a living. Any convictions for the offenses above or others listed in the TLC rules book could cause this to happen, though.

You may benefit from consulting with an attorney who has experience helping other hack license holders formulate defenses in their TLC cases here in New York City.