3 reasons to challenge a speeding ticket

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2021 | Speeding Tickets

A New York speeding ticket can have severe consequences. A recent article suggests that your insurance premium will increase by 27.5% after a ticket. You will face considerable fines and administration fees. A license suspension is also possible. That alone can bring a host of inconveniences.

Before pulling out your credit card to pay that fine, consider challenging the speeding ticket.

Many people overturn speeding tickets

Not all speeding tickets will stand up in court. Many people have overturned theirs. Here are three reasons you may be able to challenge a ticket for speeding:

  1. There’s no real proof you were speeding: What evidence does the law officer have to support their accusation? Did they judge you against the speedo in their car? If so, how accurate is it? Did they measure you on a speed gun? If so, when did they last check it was reading correctly?
  2. You were not breaking the speed limit: Some highways have fluctuating speed limits which vary according to traffic levels or time of day. Local authorities can also make changes to permanent speed limits on a road. A cop who has worked the same streets all their life may not have noticed the changes.
  3. You had extenuating circumstances: Sometimes you have a valid reason to drive faster than the law permits. You could be trying to escape someone chasing you with a gun. Or you could be trying to save a life by getting a person to the hospital as fast as possible.

The decision to contest a speeding charge is up to you. If you believe you may have a reason, seek legal advice. If you beat a speeding charge, it could save you a considerable amount of money and problems.