Don’t let the rush of the day lead to a speeding ticket

On Behalf of | May 13, 2021 | Speeding Tickets

Time is a valuable commodity. Many motorists give themselves the least amount of time possible to get somewhere just to get in a few extra minutes of sleep, savor a meal or some other reason. 

While everyone can benefit from getting in some additional self-care time, it comes with a downside. A motorist who cut their time short to get somewhere runs a higher risk of being stopped for speeding

What can you do to minimize your chances of getting a speeding ticket?

You can significantly reduce your chances of feeling rushed if you build in a little more time into your schedule between tasks. Giving yourself an extra 10 minutes to get to where you’re going will ensure that you’ll feel less apt to speed if you get stuck at a light, behind a school bus, or something else occurs. 

Are there unwritten traffic rules that allow you to exceed speed limits?

The New York State Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee highlights that speed limits aren’t flexible. There aren’t any unwritten rules that people anecdotally talk about that allow them to exceed limits by a few miles per hour. They also emphasize that “keeping up with the flow of traffic” doesn’t mean that you can exceed the posted limit. It simply means that you can travel alongside traffic that it’s abiding by the speed limit, provided that it’s safe to do so. 

There are state laws that restrict when it’s safe to pass other vehicles that may not be traveling as fast as you’d hope as well. 

Did you end up with a speeding ticket?

No one wants to receive a speeding ticket. It can increase your insurance rates. Also, an accumulation of too many points on your driving record can result in a suspension of your license. Working with an attorney who understands traffic ticket defense strategies is wise.