Deciding whether you should fight against a New York DUI

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2021 | Drunk Driving

New York has some of the most severe drunk driving laws in the nation. For example, a first offense DUI conviction could mean the loss of your driving license for no fewer than six months. First-time offenders also risk serving a year in jail and paying a $500 fine. Multiple offenses for driving under the influence could lead to a seven-year jail term, depending upon the details of your circumstances.

Many people wonder whether they should fight against a DUI conviction. In the end, the choice is yours, but knowing what might happen when you fight can help you decide.

What are the possible advantages of fighting a DUI?

You could win your case, and that is arguably the most beneficial reason to fight. Other advantages of fighting a DUI include the following.

  • Increases your odds of dismissal or acquittal
  • Preserves your reputation among friends, family and colleagues
  • Helps you avoid collateral consequences of conviction (trouble finding a job or a home, etc.)
  • Provides you with a chance to tell your side of the story in court

Often, fighting against a DUI could also mean you receive less severe penalties if you are convicted. For example, if you can develop a defense strategy that weakens the prosecutor’s case, you may suffer fewer harsh consequences, even if found guilty.

Take some time to think about how you want to proceed after a DUI arrest. If you feel you should fight the charges, consider learning more about New York DUI laws as well as their consequences. We believe taking this step equips you to make the best decision in the aftermath of your arrest.