What is the driver responsibility assessment?

| Oct 19, 2021 | Traffic Violations

People in New York who receive a traffic ticket must ensure they understand their options to deal with that ticket. New York uses a points system that has consequences for those who accumulate points. 

Some individuals will have to pay a driver responsibility assessment. Drivers who must pay this are responsible for three years’ worth of payments. 

When does a driver responsibility assessment occur?

driver responsibility assessment occurs if you get six points on your license in an 18-month period. You can also have to pay one if you refuse to take a chemical test when a law enforcement officer asks you to. It also occurs if you’re convicted of an impaired driving offense. If you don’t pay the assessment, your license will be suspended. 

How much does a person have to pay?

The amount of the assessment depends on the reason that you’re paying it. If you get six points on your license within 18 months, you have an assessment of $100 per year for three years. Each point over six adds an additional $25 per year. If the assessment is due to refusal of a chemical test or because of impaired driving, the assessment is $250 per year for three years.

Anyone who’s facing a traffic ticket in New York should ensure that they’re carefully considering how a guilty plea or conviction may impact them. The penalties can be severe, so you should work with an attorney who’s familiar with these matters. This allows you to review your options so that you can take action you feel is in your best interests.