These traffic violations could land you in trouble with the law 

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2021 | Traffic Violations

Citizens in New York make use of the roads for a variety of reasons. Many people rely on using their car to get to work each day. Others need to take the children to and from school.

Driving privileges can be extremely important and the consequences of facing traffic violations can be devastating. Millions of traffic tickets are issued each year for a number of reasons. Outlined below are some of the more common traffic violations in the state of New York. 

Using a cell phone

Despite being unlawful, many people simply cannot resist the temptation of using their cell phones whilst operating a vehicle. The law in New York forbids this and the penalties for such breaches can be serious. Those found using a portable electronic device while driving could face hefty fines as well as penalty points on their driver’s license.

Running a red light or stop sign

Vast numbers of tickets are issued each year in New York for disobeying traffic devices. Traffic devices are put in place to guide traffic and ensure that those in the vicinity remain safe. Consequently, the penalties for disregarding such instruments can be serious. Road users accused of such offenses may be penalized through penalty points and/or fines. 

Driving too fast

The most common type of traffic violation is speeding offenses. Speeding is strictly prohibited by the law and the potential punishments can vary depending on how fast a person was traveling. For more minor breaches, drivers can expect to be fined and/or receive penalty points. In extreme circumstances, those who travel at excessive speeds may even face imprisonment. 

Due to the importance of driving privileges and the impact that traffic tickets can have, it is crucial for you to come up with a sound defense strategy. Having a firm grasp of your legal rights is the first step in this process.