Client Testimonials

The Law Office of Craig Bondy has successfully helped thousands of New Yorkers fight their traffic violations.

Over the years, many clients have posted positive online reviews:

Client Testimonials:

To my close friends, business associates, and family that live or frequent the five boroughs,

In all my years I don’t recall ever sending an endorsement email.  I can say with certainty I’ve never sent one on my own without being asked.

If you get through this email, you will know it’s more of a gift to you than an ask in anyway as I am seeking nothing and only want to share.

In mid-2017, I got a moving violation ticket in NYC.  Not happy. I plead not guilty.

In the months following by total happenstance I happened to make acquaintances with a gentleman named Craig Bondy.  He happens to be a Traffic Ticket attorney for all of NY (and NJ as well).  I told him it’s a small world as I happen to be the recent recipient of one such ticket. He told me to send him a photograph of the ticket so he can represent me.

I sent it to him at once and suffice to say we never spoke of the issue again.  I buried my head in the sand waiting for the phone call of when I need to appear in NYC traffic court.

This morning at 10am I got that dreaded call from Craig.   Only he simply told me that my ticket was dismissed and I was found not guilty.  No appearance.  No notice.  No nothing.

I was floored. I look the guy up and it seems he’s been doing this for 32+ years.

To wrap it up I’ll leave it at this.

1) My blessing to all of you is you should never need his services.

2) Should you ever need a traffic attorney, I’m doing you a favor by sharing this story and information with you. I gain nothing from it, but after this experience I’m so much more comfortable blowing every light and blocking every box in the streets of NYC.

Best to you,

Eli Z.