Defending Your Interests Against Serious Drug and Alcohol-Related Offenses

New York’s zero-tolerance law prohibits offenses such as public intoxication, underage drinking and drug dealing of any kind. Convictions on these charges can only result in serious repercussions for your life and career.

Are you struggling against a drug-related or alcohol-related offense in New York or New Jersey? If so, The Law Office of Craig Bondy aggressively protects your rights.

Since 1986, traffic violations and DUI criminal defense lawyer Craig Bondy has skillfully, successfully defended clients accused of using drugs and alcohol while operating a motor vehicle. His rate of positive results in DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired) Drugs cases is proof that he can help you too.

The narcotic in question, in your case, doesn’t have to be one of the “usual suspects” — marijuana, cocaine, heroin or methamphetamine. It could be a prescription drug like oxycodone or a party drug such as Ecstasy.

The only thing that matters to authorities is that you were impaired by use of a controlled substance while driving. And the potential punishments are just as harsh as those accompanying a DUI conviction. A first-offense misdemeanor could translate to a jail term and thousands of dollars in fines — the kinds of punishments that Craig Bondy works hard to help you avoid.

That negative outcome doesn’t end there. A DWAI conviction stays on your driving record for at least 10 years, increases insurance rates, contributes to job loss and restricts international travel to countries that may not let you enter. A second conviction on this charge may make you a felon, establish a permanent criminal record, hamper housing and employment prospects through background checks, damage credit applications and make you subject to enhanced criminal penalties.

Attorney Craig Bondy Cares — And Maximizes Your Chances Of Winning In Court

Don’t surrender to this kind of bleak future. You can trust Craig Bondy’s deep knowledge of New York drug DUI laws and scientific methods of measuring impairment. Contact him today to ensure that your rights are fully protected. Call 212-257-8321 right now or send an email message. Hablamos Español.