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What does texting and driving actually mean in New York?

Smart phones have become a staple in New York residents' backpacks, purses, and pockets. It is rare to find a person who has never used one of these powerful handheld devices and many people own them for use in their personal and professional lives. For all the convenience that phones have added to individuals' lives, they have also been targeted by lawmakers as potential distractions to individuals who get behind the wheels of vehicles.

Texting regulations apply to commercial carriers

Many states including New York have penalized texting and driving as a form of distracted driving. Legislators hope to protect individuals from harm by making it illegal for motor vehicle operators to use smartphones and other hand-held electronic devices while they are driving. Prohibitions against texting and driving extend beyond personal drivers though; commercial drivers can face serious penalties if they are found to be texting and driving in their rigs.

Navigate a distracted driving ticket carefull

Smart phones have become an almost omnipresent element of our lives and although many New York drivers know that using a cell phone while on the road is frowned upon by the state, it still does happen from time to time. If law enforcement catches you texting or surfing the web on your smart phone while behind the wheel, you could be issues a ticket that carries significant penalties.

“Textalyzer” technology proposed in response to problem of texting and driving

Cell phone use while driving, as readers know, is one of the biggest issues we face when it comes to highway safety nowadays. The widespread use of smartphones and other connected devices is a primary contributor to the problem. Of particular concern is texting while driving, a practice most states have prohibited.

Work with experienced attorney to challenge NY distracted driving tickets, P.1

Previously, we began looking at the topic of distracted driving, and specifically the challenges officers face in enforcing distracted driving laws. These challenges have not, however, stopped authorities from aggressive, ongoing efforts to enforce these laws. Of the 15,000 tickets written in the recent five-day sweep we mentioned last time, around 2,000 were for distracted driving.

Enforcement of distracted driving laws remains a challenge for officers

Distracted driving, as readers know, is a major concern when it comes to roadway safety nowadays. The use of smartphones and other mobile devices is certainly very prevalent, and public safety education has done little to ensure drivers make safe decisions. States have also passed measures to combat distracted driving as well, but the effectiveness of these measures is questionable.

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