Craig Bondy Fights Traffic Tickets Anywhere In New York And New Jersey

The Law Office of Craig Bondy and its network of associated traffic ticket attorneys have many years of experience with successfully handling the defense of all forms of traffic tickets, speeding tickets, moving violations, revoked or suspended licenses, and drug and alcohol-related offenses.

As his many satisfied clients since 1986 will attest, Craig Bondy cares — he wants to win as much as you do. His goals are to simplify the process of defending your New York or New Jersey traffic ticket and to make the entire experience as easy, stress-free and convenient as possible.

Craig Bondy Maximizes Your Chances Of Winning In New York And New Jersey Traffic Courts

Among the many kinds of traffic tickets that lawyer Craig Bondy fights in Traffic Court include:

In New York City, NYPD police officers and an assortment of other uniformed law enforcement personnel have the authority to issue traffic tickets to motorists for any number of traffic violations. Craig Bondy lays out all your legal options and gives you the facts you need about the traffic tickets and related violations that motorists frequently receive, causing them to face substantial fines, not to mention the possibilities of driver’s license suspension and revocation.

For help with fighting a ticket, please contact our traffic attorneys by phone — right now — at 212-257-8321. We can also be reached by email message. Hablamos Español.